Single Light Wall Sconce

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  1. Horoscope SKU: PW131307-SDG
  2. Saturn (M) SKU: PW131436-AB/BB
  3. Saturn (S) SKU: PW131435-AB/BB
  4. Pandora SKU: PW131010-BC
  5. Pandora SKU: PW131010-AL
  6. Pandora SKU: PW131010-MH
  7. Pandora SKU: PW131010-SDG
  8. Pandora SKU: PW131011-BC
  9. Pandora SKU: PW131011-AL
  10. Pandora SKU: PW131011-MH
  11. Pandora SKU: PW131011-SDG
  12. Arc (L) SKU: PW131015-AB
  13. Arc (L) SKU: PW131015-AL
  14. Arc (L) SKU: PW131015-MH
  15. Arc (L) SKU: PW131015-SDG
  16. Arc (S) SKU: PW131014-AB
  17. Arc (S) SKU: PW131014-AL
  18. Arc (S) SKU: PW131014-MH
  19. Arc (S) SKU: PW131014-SDG
  20. Eclipse (L) SKU: PW131161-AL
  21. Eclipse (L) SKU: PW131161-BC
  22. Eclipse (L) SKU: PW131161-MH
  23. Eclipse (L) SKU: PW131161-SDG
  24. Eclipse (M) SKU: PW131160-AL
  25. Eclipse (M) SKU: PW131160-BC
  26. Eclipse (M) SKU: PW131160-MH
  27. Eclipse (M) SKU: PW131160-SDG
  28. Eclipse (S) SKU: PW131159-AL
  29. Eclipse (S) SKU: PW131159-BC
  30. Eclipse (S) SKU: PW131159-MH
  31. Eclipse (S) SKU: PW131159-SDG
  32. Essence SKU: PW131267-SDG/CG
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1-32 of 58

A Wide Variety of Single Light Wall Sconces to Suit Your Decor

Single light wall sconces add decorating details to your bedroom, living room or bathroom while offering an alternative to traditional overhead lighting. They’re unique decorative lighting pieces that make a bold statement and add both accent and general illumination to your home. They come in a wide variety of shapes, materials, shades and finishes and give off a confident, high-end attitude. No matter what style you choose, they provide quality lighting wherever they’re installed.

At PageOne Lighting, we have a vast selection of high-quality single light sconces that can be integrated into your home with other fixtures or as stand-alone pieces. Use a pair of sconces to add a sense of symmetry and free up floor space. You will also find fixtures with an extendable arm that offers the ease of focusing lights to provide direct illumination. We have many lights with designs created to coordinate with and match other fixtures.