Linear Pendant

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  1. Uranas (5) SKU: PP121768-SDG/AB
  2. Light-Year (3) SKU: PP121806-CM/GY
  3. Saturn (6) SKU: PP121619-AB/BB
  4. Saturn (4) SKU: PP121618-AB/BB
  5. Pearl (6) Linear SKU: PP121565-PB
  6. Meteor (16) SKU: PP121090-SDG
  7. Meteor (16) SKU: PP121090-BG
  8. Meteor (10) SKU: PP121060-SDG
  9. Meteor (10) SKU: PP121060-BG
  10. Prometheus (Large Linear) SKU: PP120288-AG
  11. Prometheus (Large Linear) SKU: PP120288-SDG
  12. Prometheus (Medium Linear) SKU: PP120287-AG
  13. Prometheus (Medium Linear) SKU: PP120287-SDG
  14. Prometheus (Small Linear) SKU: PP120286-AG
  15. Prometheus (Small Linear) SKU: PP120286-SDG
  16. Aurora SKU: PP121462-AL
  17. Aurora SKU: PP121462-BC
  18. Aurora SKU: PP121462-MH
  19. Essence (3) SKU: PP121360-SDG/CG
  20. Century (3) SKU: PP121363-SDG/SM
  21. Century (3) SKU: PP121363-SDG/SBN
  22. Century (4) SKU: PP121364-SDG/SM
  23. Century (4) SKU: PP121364-SDG/SBN
  24. Diamante (59"L) SKU: PP121225-DT
  25. Diamante (74.8"L) SKU: PP121226-DT
  26. Diamante (41.3"L) SKU: PP121223-DT
  27. Diamante (49.2"L) SKU: PP121224-DT
  28. Meteor (5) SKU: PP120102-AL
  29. Meteor (5) SKU: PP120102-BG
  30. Meteor (5) SKU: PP120102-SDG
  31. Prometheus (Small Linear) SKU: PP120286-DT
  32. Prometheus (Small Linear) SKU: PP120286-BG
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1-32 of 57

Tasteful and Unique Linear Pendant Lighting that Makes an Impression

Linear pendant lighting is distinguished, tasteful, unique and is becoming a must-have to harmonize your home’s ambiance. It’s defined by a generally rectangular shape, making it a distinct ceiling light that can instantly make any room appear wider or larger. Its sleek appeal and clean lines offer a heightened beauty that can illuminate your home brilliantly. These fixtures are defined by their range of simple elegance paired with a dazzling appeal to illuminate your space in a one-of-a-kind way. If you’re looking for more environmentally friendly lighting, LED linear suspension color.

At PageOne Lighting we offer a wide range of linear pendant lighting fixtures suitable for any space, from a living or dining room to an office. Their modern appeal and minimalist design are what make it sought after among homeowners. Our products add an architectural elegance into any room where they’re installed, and owing to their modern design, there aren’t any rules that need to be followed. Our linear pendants help create an excellent lighting solution and make a statement wherever they’re incorporated.