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  1. Elio SKU: PC111310-MH
  2. Pan (Round L) SKU: PC111072-MH
  3. Pan (Round L) SKU: PC111072-SDG
  4. Pan (Round M) SKU: PC111071-MH
  5. Pan (Round M) SKU: PC111071-SDG
  6. Pan (Round S) SKU: PC111070-MH
  7. Pan (Round S) SKU: PC111070-SDG
  8. Pan (Square L) SKU: PC111082-MH
  9. Pan (Square L) SKU: PC111082-SDG
  10. Pan (Square M) SKU: PC111081-MH
  11. Pan (Square M) SKU: PC111081-SDG
  12. Pan (Square S) SKU: PC111080-MH
  13. Pan (Square S) SKU: PC111080-SDG
  14. Skylight (Round 13.8"Dia.) SKU: PC111122-SN
  15. Skylight (Round 13.8"Dia.) SKU: PC111122-BC
  16. Skylight (Round 13.8"Dia.) SKU: PC111122-MH
  17. Skylight (Round 17.7"Dia.) SKU: PC111123-SN
  18. Skylight (Round 17.7"Dia.) SKU: PC111123-BC
  19. Skylight (Round 17.7"Dia.) SKU: PC111123-MH
  20. Skylight (Round 23.6"Dia.) SKU: PC111150-SN
  21. Skylight (Round 23.6"Dia.) SKU: PC111150-BC
  22. Skylight (Round 23.6"Dia.) SKU: PC111150-MH
  23. Skylight (Round 29.5"Dia.) SKU: PC111124-SN
  24. Skylight (Round 29.5"Dia.) SKU: PC111124-BC
  25. Skylight (Round 29.5"Dia.) SKU: PC111124-MH
  26. Skylight (Square 13.8"L) SKU: PC111145-SN
  27. Skylight (Square 13.8"L) SKU: PC111145-BC
  28. Skylight (Square 13.8"L) SKU: PC111145-MH
  29. Skylight (Square 17.7"L) SKU: PC111146-SN
  30. Skylight (Square 17.7"L) SKU: PC111146-BC
  31. Skylight (Square 17.7"L) SKU: PC111146-MH
  32. Skylight (Square 23.6"L) SKU: PC111147-SN
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1-32 of 63

It doesn’t matter which space you’re illuminating. If you want it to look its best, a ceiling flush mounted lighting fixture provides the ideal combination of utility and looks. Ranging in style from traditional to contemporary, it’s installed close to the ceiling, making it a great addition for high-use areas such as the bedroom, living room and halls. It blends well with its surroundings and provides illumination without attracting too much attention. Additionally, it’s available in a wide range of finishes and offers a selection of choices for every décor.

At PageOne LightingPageOne Lighting, we work hard to ensure there’s a lighting solution for every home. And that’s exactly why we offer a wide selection of lighting options for all rooms with varying light and lumen projections. Lighting is a vital part of your decor that helps define the style you want to project. All you need to do is take your time to find the perfect fixtures for your home.