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  1. Arc SKU: PW131472-Black-OD
  2. Pandora SKU: PW131010-Black-OD
  3. Athena SKU: PW131523-SDG
  4. Prism SKU: PW131525-SDG
  5. Prism SKU: PW131524-SDG
  6. Athena SKU: PW131522-SDG
  7. Nebula SKU: PP121745-AB
  8. Nebula SKU: PP121745-BK
  9. Luna SKU: PC111277-SBN
  10. Luna SKU: PC111276-SBN
  11. Symmetry SKU: PC111254-SDG
  12. Symmetry SKU: PC111253-SDG
  13. Miracle SKU: PC111227-SDG
  14. Miracle SKU: PC111226-SDG
  15. Rhythm SKU: PP121749-AB
  16. Mirage SKU: PC111249-SDG
  17. Fluorescence SKU: PP121715-AB
  18. Uranas (5) SKU: PP121768-SDG/AB
  19. Uranas (3) SKU: PP121767-SDG/AB
  20. Uranas (8) SKU: PP121742-SDG/AB
  21. Uranas (1) SKU: PP121713-SDG/AB
  22. Light-Year (7) SKU: PP121753-CM/GY
  23. Light-Year (18) SKU: PP121755-CM/GY
  24. Light-Year (5) SKU: PP121807-CM/GY
  25. Light-Year (3) SKU: PP121806-CM/GY
  26. Light-Year (1) SKU: PP121728-CM/GY
  27. Eternal (5) SKU: PP121774-SAB
  28. Eternal (3) SKU: PP121772-SAB
  29. Eternal (1) SKU: PP121769-SAB
  30. Comet (1) SKU: PP121493-SDG/BC
  31. Saturn (L) SKU: PW131437-AB/BB
  32. Saturn (M) SKU: PW131436-AB/BB
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1-32 of 531

Unique and Stylish Modern Lights

At Page One lighting, we offer thoughtfully chosen modern light fixtures to accentuate residential and commercial spaces. Our collection comprises of unique products featuring excellent craftsmanship with the combination of LED technology. They are designed to add a thousand watts of style to any space. We have a wide range of decorative lights to create inspiring, beautifully illuminated rooms. Our product line includes-

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are one of the most popular lighting solutions and a preferred choice for contemporary households. Apart from illuminating a room, they also add a touch of style to the interior d├ęcor. The pendant lights in our collection are unconventional, yet attractive.

Ceiling Lights

Our modern ceiling lights are true stunners. From sleek designs to colorful accents, we have an extensive array of trend-setting ceiling mounted fixtures. These awesome lights are an effective way of giving a quick makeover to any space.

Wall Lights

Complement your light sources with our timeless wall lights. Available in numerous styles and finishes, our show-stopping sconces and other wall-mounted fixtures highlight the favourite elements of your room without overpowering the existing lighting design.

Table Lamps

Beautify your home with our decorative table lamps. Combined with LED technology, our table lamps are available in both bold and sleek designs. Choose from our fantastic range of elegant and modern table light fixtures to spill the extra charm in your ambiance.

Floor Lamps

Illuminate the corners with our designer floor lamps. We have a distinct and varied range of floor lamps designed to serve both form and function. Apart from creating pools of light in those ignored corners, these portable light fixtures make your living space more appealing.