When it comes to trendy lighting solutions, pendant lights are on the top spot. They are the focal point of a room and make a subtle statement while adding character and visual interest to a space. These beautiful lighting fixtures illuminate the room without spoiling its ambiance, making them an ideal choice for modern homes that need a powerful, yet elegant lighting feature for interior décor.

Pendant ceiling lights can be used just about anywhere in a home, but there are some places where these incredible lighting fixtures shine like diamonds. Here’s a list of six of the best spots to use pendant lights to make the most of these stylish additions.

1) Kitchen Island

The most popular use of pendant lights is over the kitchen island. They work as a task lighting and illuminate the working surface. After all, a well-lit island is necessary in a kitchen for a number of activities including slicing vegetables and dressing salads. The pendants provide enough light for cooking and food preparation purposes. Many homeowners prefer staggered pendant lighting over the kitchen island as it appears the most balanced configuration to the human eye and gives light to an extended area instead of just one spot.

2) Bathroom Vanity

Before using pendant lights in a bathroom, it is important to determine its location. Don’t place it near the shower as it will create moisture and avoid installing it right above the sink as it will cast shadows on your face. The best spot to put pendants in a bathroom is on either side of a vanity evenly. Another option is to hang pendants in one or both corners of the room to prevent unwanted shadows and give a subtle appearance to your bathroom.

3) Dining Room

Installing pendant lights right above the dining table is the perfect arrangement of these versatile lighting fixtures. Whether you have a separate dining room or a dining area attached to the kitchen, their lights create an eye-catching spot that reflects your personal style and adds to the elegance of your room décor. Make sure that you choose a pendant that diffuses light and gives a soft touch to your dining area rather than being too harsh for the eyes.

4) Bedside Table

Placing pendants near your bed so that it illuminates your bedside table is an excellent way of adding accent lighting to your bedroom. Use a mini pendant with dimmers for a minimalist look while making your bedroom unique and dreamy. It is an elegant alternative to the standard table lamp. This not only beautifies decorative items placed on the table but also helps you in finding out where your cellphone or alarm clock is on the table at night.

5) Foyer or Entryway

Modern pendant lighting can be successfully used in the entryway to give a warm welcome to your guests and make a fabulous first impression. Apart from being an eye-catching statement piece, this addition stylizes your foyer and accentuates your overall interior décor. This placement of pendants allows you to experiment with textures, colors and size so that your entryway becomes a reflection of your style while enhancing the beauty of your home’s entrance.

6) Reading Nook

A corner desk or a reading nook is the perfect spot to make the most of pendant ceiling lights. Add mini pendants as task lighting and create a cozy corner with warm-colored, vintage-inspired light bulbs. Even if the whole room is in dark, your small reading desk will be illuminated where you can curl up and spend some quality time reading your favorite book.

7) Stairwell

Adding a row of stylish, identical pendant lights in the stairwell makes your home warm and easy to navigate. It adds a peaceful glow to your living space while accessorizing the often-overlooked area of the house. These lights draw the eye upward and add visual interest to an otherwise boring stairwell. Just make sure that pendants are hung high enough to avoid accidents in this high-traffic area.

8) Children’s Room

Some people might think that pendants don’t work well in the children’s room. But the fact is hanging a small, low-wattage pendant in one corner will give an artistic flair to your little one’s room. However, the height at which the pendants are installed, the intensity of light and the appearance of the pendant play a vital role in ensuring its success. Always choose a dim light to avoid disturbing your kid’s sleep. Also, install the lights high so that your child couldn’t reach to it and go for shaded pendants with cut-out shapes to cast beautiful shadows on the wall and keep a magical light source in the room at night. 

Pendant ceiling lights are the perfect choice to add a unique flair to any space. But they work best when successfully installed in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, entryway, reading corner, kid’s room and dining room. They give the much-needed light to the above-listed spots in your home and up the style game of your interior décor. If you haven’t installed these elegant lighting fixtures yet, buy pendant lights online or from a store near you and let there be light where it is required the most.