A dark home is a vulnerable one. Lighting plays a crucial role in increasing the security of your abode. Proper security lighting not only keeps away unwanted intruders but also enhances the curb appeal of your property.

When talking of security lighting, many people think of lighting fixtures that we use inside the house such as pendants, lamps and wall lights. However, lights used for protecting your home should be weatherproof, practical and strategically placed. As a result, it becomes confusing to implement. So, what can be done? We’ll tell you.  The modern lighting professionals in Toronto have come up with seven smart security lighting tips to protect your home. Incorporate them to see the difference.

Security Lighting Tips for Your Home

1) Look for Vulnerable Areas

Before you start shopping for security lighting fixtures, it is important to complete an analysis of your home’s exterior to spot vulnerable areas. Make note of any dark spots that thieves might think are easy access points. It could be anything from a hide on your property (a window well) to a convenient way to get into the house (a tree close to home). Apart from your property’s exterior, analyze your view from the inside of your home. What it's like when you look outside? Are you able to see every entry point or is it completely dark? Examine every viewing angle from inside and evaluate will you be able to see an intruder walk onto your property or not. Consider these points as well. Once the analysis is complete, you’ll know what are the areas that need proper lighting.

2) Install Lights in the Smartest Spots

After you have found the vulnerable areas, it is time to install lights in the smartest spots so that every nook and corner is illuminated leaving no place for burglars to hide. Main spots to have proper lighting includes your door, pathway, driveway, backyard, perimeter, pool area, deck/ patio and flower bed. This arrangement will not only scare off intruders but also make your property safer for your family by avoiding slips and falls after the sun goes down.

3) Choose Low-Voltage Lights

When it comes to selecting lights for your home that will make your property safer and more secure, go for low-voltage LED lights. They spread lighting throughout your property without shining too bright. The added advantage of installing low-voltage LED landscape lighting is that it takes less energy and provides ample illumination so the homeowners can clearly see what’s happening outside the window. Here’s a list of a few fixtures you can install.

  • Photocells
  • Path lights
  • Step lights
  • Floodlights
  • Post mount luminaries

4) Go for Combination of High and Low Lights

Apart from the areas to install the lights, it is essential to consider their position. Ideally, security lighting should be placed higher but aimed downwards to cast a big area of light and get better illumination as when light hits the ground it becomes softer. Also, with high positioned lights, it will be less likely to get dark or blind spots created by shadows in your yard. However, you should not overlook the importance of lights closer to the ground because they offer small radius, yet brighter light. The best bet is to combine high and low lights to get full coverage.

5) Secure Your Security Lighting

Your security lighting is installed to make your home safer. But what about the security of these lights? Thieves, intruders or burglars can tamper with the path lights or cut your power and try to slip in unnoticed. Here are a few things you can do to safeguard your security lighting.

  • Install high lights to make them harder to reach, let alone tampered
  • Keep power boxes inside the house or at places with their own security lighting
  • Choose lights with motion-detectors so you get an alert before anyone tries to vandalize the power box or manipulate the lights
  • Use solar-powered fixtures for high lights as there will be no wires coming long enough to cut
  • Select fixtures that are rated either ‘WP’ for weatherproof or ‘WR’ for water resistant

6) Choose Timers for Interior Lighting

Security lighting is not all about a building’s exteriors. There are several interior lighting products that aid in crime prevention. For example, ceiling lights or floor lamps with timer are of help when the homeowners are away as they will turn on at a set time, giving the impression that someone is at home. On the other hand, no lights on or a single lamp is an invitation to intrude. Instead of making this mistake, implement interior lighting with timers as a security measure. Contact a custom lighting professional in Toronto to get these lights installed.

7) Avoid Colored Lighting

Colored lighting is beautiful but they aren’t very good for security purposes. The best bet is to go for white or clear bulbs. They produce brighter and cleaner light ideal to create a well-lit home which can offer more visual control and keep away trespassers.

Security lighting is vital to keep your home safe from burglars, thieves and intruders while adding to the beauty of your property. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you implement practical lighting fixtures that illuminate every nook and corner, leaving no space for trespassers to hide. But make sure you consult a custom lighting professional in Toronto to ensure you get high-quality fixtures and flawless installation tailored to your needs.