Lighting plays a vital role in establishing the overall appeal of a room. And, the best part is you can use it as an interior design element. Do you want to know how? Go through this blog to learn some great techniques on how you can use light as an interior design element to give an instant face lift to your home décor.

The lighting in a home is an integral part of the interior design as it determines how your living space is perceived. Unfortunately, many homeowners use their light fixtures just to illuminate their home. But with the following fascinating techniques, you can use light as an interior design element and give your living space a makeover.

  • Cover the Lightbulb: Instead of using glass or any other material, use mesh to cover the lightbulb in your pendant lights. It will effortlessly blend with the existing décor while illuminating the space. 
  • Play with Silhouetting: Put a light fixture with a broad-beamed bulb behind a dense plant or bronze sculpture. Place the light source one foot from the wall pointing straight up to give the effect of a backlight.
  • Create a Spotlight: Replace translucent lampshades with opaque ones to maximize the intensity of light and create a spotlight that highlights a family picture or a sculpture on a table.
  • Place Inside Your Bookshelf: Add recessed lights to your bookshelves and inside your cabinets to display your collection of books and art pieces.
  • Create a Dreamy Glow: Instead of sticking to a traditional light source like a table lamp, mount string lights on the wall or surround your bed with tiny fairy lights for a diffused gleam.  

Use lighting as an interior design element by incorporating the above-listed ideas. Each arrangement will not only bring visual interest to your home but also make it look lively.