A well-lit hotel lobby is essential to make a positive first impression on your guests when they arrive. Although people don’t spend a lot of time there, yet it is an integral part of your hotel that reflects its style and determines how your services are perceived.

A perfect hotel lobby should have lights that make guests feel warm and welcomed as well as get a taste of the luxury of your establishment. Also, it should contain contemporary light fixtures that look up-to-date and seamlessly blend with other elements of your hotel décor such as furniture and flooring. Here are six lighting design tips to create a breathtaking view in your hotel lobby.

1) Install a Gorgeous Chandelier

When it comes to giving a sense of luxury a hotel can provide through light fixtures, chandeliers are the first choice of many hoteliers. Apart from providing controlled lighting, this gorgeous ceiling light brings in royalty and sophistication to the hotel décor. Install a beautiful chandelier at the center of the lobby or over the seating area to draw your guests’ attention directly to your hotel’s grandeur. Choosing between a vintage style classic chandelier and a modern ceiling lamp depends on what complements your existing design scheme.

2) Highlight with Wall Lights

Not only the ceiling, but your lobby walls should also be well-lit to welcome your guests. Use wall lights to highlight your lobby area, especially if it features textured walls or artworks. It will help in directing the guests to the reception area and focus light on key spaces such as seating areas, walkways and check-in-desk. That said, illuminating walls with decorative accent lights is an excellent way of making the lobby appear more spacious than its actual size.

3) Choose Yellow Light Over White or Blue

There is a reason why most hospitality spaces use soft, warm lighting that is more yellow than blue or white. Yellow lights are similar to the lights people install at home. Therefore, getting a similar effect will make the guests feel comfortable and right at home.  Also, add table lamps illuminating the seating area with yellowish light so that guests sit in comfort and have adequate light for reading or signing the necessary paperwork.

4) Use Adaptable Lighting

Your hotel lobby lighting should be versatile as this space will be seen at all hours of the day and night. If your lobby has an open design with several windows, then make use of natural light during the day by opening the windows and tying back curtains.  At night, let your elegant light fixtures sparkle the lobby area where chandeliers are the main light source and smaller pendants accentuate the interesting architectural details of your hotel.

5) Place Floor Lamps to Light Up the Corners

Don’t let the overlooked corners of your lobby spoil the mood and mar the beauty of your elegant aesthetics. Use sleek floor lamps to light up the dim nooks and crannies and improve light levels without overpowering other light fixtures. This placement will not only create an inspiring, illuminated corner but also set up a lively mood in your hotel lobby to cheer up tired guests who arrive at the hotel after a long journey.

6) Avoid Bright Lights

Interior designers specialized in decorating hospitality spaces suggest that hoteliers should stick to dim lobby lights. Bright lighting can be harsh and unforgiving that can offend tired guests. To give them a warm welcome choose soft lighting that creates a comfortable space and makes them feel at rest by providing good visibility without glare. 

No luxury hotel can afford to look dull and boring in the absence of proper lighting and beautiful light fixtures. Even your expensive furnishings and premier services will fail to make a mark if your hotel lobby appears dark or shadowy. Fear not! The lighting design tips listed above will help you illuminate your hotel lobby while making it more comfortable and inviting. Implementing these tips will not only reflect the style and grandeur of your hotel but also set a relaxing mood for your guests.